Mark Seven - The Fatal Flaw In Disco

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  • While Ari Goldman might be considered the silent partner in Washington, D.C. duo Beautiful Swimmers—as Andrew Field-Pickering garners more attention with his Future Times label and productions as Maxmillion Dunbar—he's no slouch. In addition to being one of the heads behind the ridiculously rare boogie and house shop Earcave, Goldman inaugurates his World Building label with this burning 12-inch from Mark Seven. Whether you're familiar with Seven's Parkway label or his entry in Claremont 56's Originals series, it's obvious he loves early '90s deep house, which he unabashedly proclaims on "The Fatal Flaw In Disco." Shouting out the likes of "House Master" Terry Baldwin, "Fast" Eddie Smith, Chez-N Trent and more, "Flaw" revels in that era when house paid explicit homage to its disco heritage. The standout "U-4-Ria Mix" is a peak-hour blend of blocky sampling, shameless saxophone and anthemic piano. (The "Lonely Dancer" version plays up the piano and vocal sample; "Saxapella" is self-explanatory.) "Never Leave" delves more into deep house, with gently reverberating keys and a voice snipped to a single "Ohh!" as jazzy chords swirl around it. The "Pressure Dub" pitches up and brightens the blipping keys, a subtle twist on the original. Both sides of Seven's record are effective, and despite the sentiment of the title, offer plenty of pleasure and satisfaction.
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      A1 The Fatal Flaw In Disco (U-4-Ria) A2 The Fatal Flaw In Disco (Lonely Dancer) A3 The Fatal Flaw In Disco (Saxapella) B1 Never Leave B2 Never Leave (Pressure Dub)