Acronym - Guadalquivir

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  • Acronym is the most versatile producer on Northern Electronics. The label's other core members—Abdulla Rashim, Varg, Korridor—deal almost exclusively in blackened melancholy, be it with gloomy deep techno, morose ambient or angsty industrial. But you never know what you're going to get with Acronym, whose catalogue spans galloping peak-time techno to balmy head nodders. June, his album from last year, was a modern techno gem, the work of a multifaceted producer given room to stretch out. He limits his scope on Guadalquivir, his second solo 12-inch since June, but still finds ample range in a relatively limited framework. This is good news for DJs, who get four cuts for different parts of a night. Many will be drawn to "Purity," a track that recalls Mike Parker's wormhole techno but is more jacking. The rest of Guadalquivir is more subdued, though no less powerful. "Floating" and "Cleansed In Fire," which could be an offcut from June, are at house tempos, and should appeal to the style's more adventurous selectors. Only "Constant Flow" is particularly abrasive, making it a little out of place next to the delicate efforts. That said, it wouldn't be an Acronym record without a curveball.
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      A1 Purity A2 Floating B1 Constant Flow B2 Cleansed In Fire