Bruce Trail - Ravine Dream

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  • He's been active in Toronto's dance music scene since 2009, releasing with Fool's Gold as part of Nacho Lovers and collaborating with Chris Macintyre of Jokers Of The Scene, but Scott Cairns only dropped his first solo release in January 2015. Ravine Dream, recorded as Bruce Trail, was a digital collection of nine dreamy, warm, bass-centric house tracks, but you'll have a hard time finding it online now. A natural fit for Lone's Magicwire label, Ravine Dream has been taken off Bandcamp and repackaged as a four-track EP, and the wider exposure is deserved. The new Ravine Dream feels like slipping on a favorite t-shirt: it's a little worn out and exceptionally comfortable. Only "Fly By Night" takes the energy up a notch, lacing its funky synths with a touch of 128-BPM garage shimmy. The other three tracks deal in thick low-end and dance floor rhythms, too, but they're tempered by subdued chords and tempos. On "Over Falls" and "Silver II," Cairns makes solid use of his familiar house style, with easy-going grooves that'll have no trouble finding their place in warm-up sets. "Bridgework" isn't so different from its counterparts, and yet it's the clear standout. It's a little sharper, a little groovier, a little bolder and a lot more memorable. Most noticeably, the track also has a catchy vocal and a change up about midway through that really sends it flying. Like the sample reiterates throughout, "Bridgework" sounds most like Cairns doing his own thing, and when he does, it's well worth paying attention.
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      A1 Over Falls A2 Bridgework B1 Silver II B2 Fly By Night