Ancestral Voices - Night Of Visions Remixed Part 1 & 2

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  • Liam Blackburn's ghostly work as Ancestral Voices is practically begging to be remixed, and Night Of Visions is no different. Arranged obtusely from distinct, eerie sounds, the album seems primed for sturdier reworks. This two-part remix package offers illuminating approaches from some heavy-duty names. Some of it pushes Blackburn's music towards Samurai Horo's heady dance fare, while the rest makes Night Of Visions even murkier, expanding on the original vision. Swedish producer and Northern Electronics boss Abdulla Rashim has never worked with the Samurai family before, but, with a sound as mystical as his, it feels long overdue. He takes "Invocations" and hammers it into one of his usual post-tribal drones, sharpening the drums into pointed jabs and leaving Blackburn's spooky soundscape in the background. The "Grey Area" remix from ASC and Sam KDC barely resembles the original "Feathered Serpent." It's a shining example of the Grey Area approach, sneaking two discrete tempos into one track. What starts as a lumbering metallic monster nearly becomes a two-step number, before it suddenly streamlines into thunderous techno. The rhythm changes are exceptionally smooth, turning Blackburn's slate-grey synth lead into luminous gold and back again. On Part 2, the beats fall into the occult mist that loomed over Night Of Visions. Samuel Kerridge, another savvy label addition, combines two different tracks into "Sleepless Ritual." He layers backwards samples until they resemble a bad trip, and the staggered rhythm he sticks underneath it swings heavy and sharp like a guillotine. Pact Infernal, one of Samurai Horo's signature acts, perform even better. They bring "Vine Of The Soul" into their realm—complete with the rusty clank of a dungeon filled with unsettling sounds and rankling drums. Highlighting Blackburn's buried dub influence, the duo place bright horn stabs over what could be a dubstep horror film soundtrack. It caps off an excellent remix package that complements its singular source material.
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      Night Of Visions Remixed Part 1: A Invocations (Abdulla Rashim Remix) B Feathered Serpent (ASC & Sam KDC 'Grey Area' Remix) Night Of Visions Remixed Part 2: A Sleepless Ritual (Samuel Kerridge Remix) B Vine Of The Soul (Pact Infernal Remix)