Yotam Avni - Monad XXII

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  • A founder of AVADON, one of Tel Aviv's most popular techno nights, Yotam Avni is already well known in the DJ community. As a DJ, he may rarely step outside of Israel, but his music has made it onto Essential Mixes from Ben Klock and Âme & Dixon, as well as several house and techno compilations. It shows the wide appeal his productions have. Whether he's working with driving, Detroit-style techno or catchy tech house, Avni ties it all together with a lingering thread of soul. His installment for Stroboscopic Artefact's Monad series begins ordinarily enough. "Tinofet" has a deep, punchy kick and shimmery rave stabs that flash—like much of Avni's music, it's a dance track with hooks. Then things head into the wild with field recordings, nanoscopic sound design, entwined instrumentation and a female vocalist with monumental range. "Rusha" is like a trove of sound. Machine whirrs, tiny zips, drips, dings and other quirky bits are some of the the curiosities on display, contained within a cabinet of surging, dubby bass. "Marva Version" and "Marva" are the EP's mystic closers, built around hypnotic singing bowls, woodwind melodies and otherworldly vocals. The former is set to a steady forward thrust that yawns with industrial creaks and acid drips. The latter strips those electronic elements away, leaving its meditative core raw and exposed. It's at once jarring and beautiful, and transports the listener somewhere indiscernibly strange.
  • Tracklist
      01. Tinofet 02. Rusha 03. Marva Version 04. Marva