Physical Therapy - Baktadust

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  • Considering how colourful his music was early on, Berlin-based American Daniel Fisher has taken a turn towards the greyscale in recent years. On releases for Fifth Wall, Unknown To The Unknown and his own Allergy Season label, his approach as Physical Therapy has been whittled to a point. It's sharp enough to fit on Spencer Parker's Work Them Records, a label probably best known for its straightforward club jams. On Baktadust, Fisher appropriately offers some of his most focused techno yet. The EP highlights his gift for working quirky idiosyncrasies into the confines of elementary club music. Both versions of "Baktadust" show as much. The original mix, with its pulverizing kicks and a warbly piano sample, sounds like it could have ended up on L.I.E.S. The percussion offers something dynamic to latch onto: slippery hi-hat programming and snares that volley across the measures like an old Ben Klock track. The "Fried Mix" keeps the piano and snares but not much else, transplanting them into a slower, floatier groove that's packed to the brim with hand drums. On the B-side, "Push Me" is stripped down, just some flanged hi-hats and satisfyingly chunky drums. A few high-pitched sounds and the hint of a piano are the only meat on the bones. "Spasm" closes things out with a left turn: the expanding and contracting basslines and steam-powered hi-hats are both heavier than anything else on Baktadust. Powering through the track's final two minutes, a big emotional lead ties a bow on an EP whose straight-up tools still pack a surprise.
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      A1 Baktadust A2 Baktadust (Fried Mix) B1 Push Me B2 Spasm