G3 - Harrington

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  • G3 clearly knew what he was doing when he called his label Little Corner. Since 2013, he's found an overlooked crevice in the UK bass edifice and perched there happily, making humble tracks that sound surprisingly fresh. A recent cassette album, Garden Reach, built on the style explored on a handful of singles. This two-tracker is a nice partner piece to it: a pair of bitesize morsels that explore the two contrasting flavours in G3's sound. The "Just Friends" mix of "Harrington" is G3 in sadsack synth mode: think Yamaneko if his main reference points were Joker and early Night Slugs. G3's ear for synth design is pretty keen these days, and he gives simple sounds an enticing sheen: xylophone chords balance warmth and plastic twang, and long background tones wobble and melt in attractive patterns. The original version of the track shuffles onto the dance floor. The model for its crisp, syncopated drums is Swamp81, but G3 gives it a cute spin. His claps, shakers and tinkling bells sound tiny and perfectly formed, as if they're miniatures of the original sounds rendered with a craftsman's care.
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      A Harrington (Just Friends Mix) B Harrington
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