Random Gods - Genezon.avi EP

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  • "We only believe in a god that knows how to dance," Random Gods proclaims in his SoundCloud bio. As with Danse Noire boss Aïsha Devi, the Lisbon-based artist explores neo-spiritualism on the dance floor, though his music is also about digitised culture and the hyper-connected world it has spawned. It results in another fractured hybrid sound from a future filled with uncertain dread. The scene of Random Gods' debut EP, Genezon.avi, is set sometime after a disaster, once Earth has begun to rebuild. There's fresh hope in the form of a new religion, "body music," which is here to sooth some of humanity's wounds. "Malsano" maps the world's rebirth. From nothing, tiny souls chant and cry out to one another as they ride a steady swell of restorative noise. "Jabuka" evolves from the primordial goo into a dub track that takes on churchy connotations in the second half, ending up feeling excessive. Subtler thematic allusions fare better, as on "Milito," a droning number with tribal undertones. Vaghe Stelle's remix of that track taps into a more pressing sense of fatalism. A manipulated voice is paramount here, and, with alluring skill, is used—in the same way Devi does—like another piece of percussion
  • Tracklist
      A1 Malsano A2 Jabuka B1 Milito B2 Milito (Vaghe Stelle Remix)