Markus Fix & Dorian Paic - Amicorum

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  • Markus Fix and Dorian Paic are groove specialists. Like many producers associated with the Frankfurt area, the two have a knack for nailing a balance between form and function. It's not hard to see where this comes from—Fix and Paic are veteran DJs, with a clear understanding about what works on the dance floor. You could just about cue up any track from the pair's respective catalogues, and your set would be better for it. Amicorum, the sixth release on Hashmat Ansari's Epilog Records, packs three more of those effective tunes. Judging by the enthusiastic message that comes with Amicorum, a release from two respected veterans like Fix and Paic is a big deal for Ansari. Luckily, what the record offers matches his enthusiasm. "Forget History" and "I Would Say" are two down-the-rabbit hole tunes, with strange synth sounds and crafty drums matched to even trippier basslines. "Fret U See" is more high-impact, thanks to a fat snare and retro-sounding low-end. These tracks won't make or break your set, but they'll come in handy no matter which room you're playing in.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Forget History B1 I Would Say B2 Fret U See