Nathan Melja ­- No No No

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  • It took a year or so for Technicolour to find its feet. After some hits and misses, the label, run by Fotomachine in collaboration with Ninja Tune, has settled into a loose house and techno groove, with leftfield releases from the likes of BNJMN, Hieroglyphic Being and Legowelt. Even in their narrowed playing field, Technicolour still repudiates the rules, which has left a smudge of awkwardness on recent releases that were intriguing if not wholly fulfilling. Nathan Melja's oblique yet enjoyable record for Technicolour, No No No, moves toward rectifying that. "Sentro" shimmers into life, accentuating the EP's lovely lo-fi quality, while tracks like "Dreal 2" show off the Parisian's skill with more functional fare. But this is ultimately club music distilled from a dream, made for closed eyes and fanciful minds.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Dreal 2 A2 Sentro B1 No No No B2 Gold Rings