Nubreed - The Original

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    20 Apr 2004
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    April 2004
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  • Jase, DB & Mykel (the NuBreed Collective) have distilled some 40 years of collective musical experience into NuBreed’s debut album entitled The Original. Their philosophy of the “style of no style” is finally defined on this epic journey of filmic soundscapes, superb songwriting and cranking urban derived rhythms. Joining them in the studio for this album were production luminaries Andy Page (programming genius behind the likes of Sasha & BT), Luke Chable and Koolism. The album comprises a mix of songs with rock inspired vocals from lead singer DB, sandwiched between tough breakbeats, twisted basslines, and the occasional flow of hip hop from their MC Mykel and beatboxing from Jase. To cap off the package, their Prodigy-esque track “To Know” taken from the soundtrack to the feature film “One Perfect Day”, also features on this album as a special bonus track, along with a limited edition bonus second disc of NuBreed b-sides, remixes and rarities mixed by Australia’s No. 1 DJ, Phil K, which is worth a release on it’s own. The Original begins with the atmospheric sounds of Oddworld, with an uncomplicated melody dancing over a slow pulsing bassline. This seems to be the calm before the storm, as twisted basslines and tough breakbeats abruptly take over the track. This is indeed the order for the next four tracks, this is Nubreed. Their trademark sound is showcased with the brilliant One Day, a collaboration with fellow Melbourne superstar, Luke Chable. A shuffling key change bassline gives way to DB’s catchy vocals and amazing melodies. Anyone who’s seen these guys live in the last 12 months, will know what an amazing track it is. The driving beats continue with Jaded and Satellites and then we come to Bring that Sound, which is co-produced by Andy Page. The D’n’B inspired bassline comes to the fore as delayed vocals and tight beats bounce around the room. You can really feel the energy in this track and you can’t help but bounce along. The vocal lead To Know follows with twisted pad and synth arrangements driving the track. We then reach Welcome, one of the tracks that established Nubreed as a force in this scene. Released on vinyl by Zero Tolerance in 2000, Welcome combines Nubreed’s past and present sound, with all their trademark elements shining through. The mood slows as Future Proof crunches and clicks towards Yes You featuring Koolism as well as beatboxing from Jase. Nubreed’s urban hip hop styles continue the journey and really show how versatile they are. This is further illustrated with the filtered vocals and disruptive beats of Shortkey and fluent rhymes of MC Mykel on Wo’ is it?. Qurious bounces into the fray with a snarling bassline and metallic hits as the mood is then transformed into a somewhat lighter feeling with Harpooned. Slow building melodies combine with minimal percussion which guides us perfectly to the final track on the album, Oblivion. Oblivion leads with a great guitar riff and has a really warm and up-lifting feel to it. DB’s soothing vocals are complimented by strings and soft melodies to round out this great package. With this album, Nubreed have shown that they are arguably Australia’s most versatile, dynamic and indeed “original” live acts of their time. Tracklist 1. Oddworld 2. One Day 3. Jaded 4. Satellites 5. Bring That Sound 6. To Know 7. Welcome 8. Future Proof 9. Yes You (featuring Koolism) 10. Shortkey 11. Wo’ is it? 12. Qurious 13. Harpooned 14. Oblivion (prelude) 15. Oblivion Limited Edition Bonus Disc mixed by Phil K 1. Nougat – Nubreed and Luke Chable 2. Ionosphere – Nubreed (Stratosphere mix) 3. Space Corroboree – Howlin’ Wind (Nubreed mix) 4. Millienium Dawn – Jasp 182 (Nubreed mix) 5. Symmetry – Apex (Nubreed remix) 6. Hardarse – Nubreed 7. Summerbreeze – Free Radicals (Nubreed remix) 8. Neptune Beach – Nubreed 9. Xenomorph – Nubreed 10. Midi Killa – Nubreed 11. Suckerpunch – Nubreed 12. Beats’n’Rhymes - Nubreed