Tenant - Not For Press

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  • Drew Lustman has never been good at sticking to one style of music. Both under his given name and as FaltyDL, among myriad other aliases, the New York producer dabbles in everything from garage and techno to breakcore and IDM. His most recent album, The Crystal Cowboy, zeroed in on jungle, twisting the genre together with jazz, rap and other off-the-wall ideas. On Not For Press, Lustman's first record as Tenant, for his Blueberry label, that experimental streak yields six tracks that are said to have been inspired by AFX's Hangable Auto Bulb EPs—"pure braindance fun," as Lustman describes it. And while those parallels can be found in its unruly playfulness and rich melodicism, the music needs no outside context to make a resounding impact. Not For Press sounds like the kind of record Lustman has been trying to make for a while, one that's eclectic to the point of nearly skirting genre altogether. A track like "Mr Nu Wasteland" loops in elements of electro, acid and IDM without ever picking a favorite, while "Run Run Devices" blends punchy machine funk and bright, airy ambience. "Unison Yellow" does glitchy electronica with a glowing grace. And yet for all its diversity, Not For Press works as a whole thanks to Lustman's bold sound design and infectious energy. The differences between "Remote Lover"'s percolating ascension and the percussive insanity of "Lunar Gymnast" are many, but their untethered, otherworldly spirits make for complementary contrasts. Like the iconic artist who inspired the EP, Lustman sounds most natural following his every whim to its weird and unpredictable conclusion.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Remote Lover A2 Run Run Devices A3 Unison Yellow B1 Lunar Gymnast B2 Mr Nu Wasteland B3 Undreamt Lawns