The Booty Bouncers - Get Dirty Baby

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  • The latest moniker to be adopted by Dee-kline and Wizard is The Booty Bouncers and as one can tell by the name, it represents the crews' fascination with the Miami bass styles from across the Atlantic. Get Dirty Baby is their first offering and for this they team up with MC's Wonda and 2za (formerly of the Hype Squad) and Yo'Mama aka Yolanda who's lent her vocals to the likes of Krafty Kuts (on the laidback summer classic "Peaches") Side A. Original and Instrumental In true booty bass style, the original has a deep, rumbling bassline (with occasional bass drops), electro style melodies, techy stabs and minimal drum breaks allowing the bass to take control. The track even goes half tempo in the middle to create a nice variation on the theme. Yo'Mama lets her powerful voice flow over the beats while Wonda and 2za are let loose on the mics with their deep UK Garage style MC flows. In this case less is more as they've taken simple elements and created a fun track aimed squarely at the dancefloor. For those who don't like the lyrics or who just want to booty up another track have a full length instrumental to play around with. Side AA. Friendly Remix Friendly has taken the meat of the original and ported it over to a housier context, allowing it to sit nicely with the Meat Katies and Elite Forces in the breaks world. Thumping 4 to the floor style house/breaks beats keeping the wicked bass drops as heard in the original. Another prime example of why he's been awarded Best New Act at the 2003 Breakspoll awards. Definitely fun to listen to and spotters out there will recognise the vocals being used on Dee Kline and Ollywood's Hardcore Beats CD release from late last year (it being used as the acapella to Thumper toward the end of the mix... OOooooh!!!). DJ's beware though, the tune itself comes with a surgeon general's warning: These tunes will get you laid! Hang on... what's wrong with that?