Antigone & Francois X ­- We Move As One

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  • Since DEMENT3D began in 2011, label heads Heartbeat and Francois X have committed themselves to conceptual projects—just take a look at Polar Inertia's latest EP. They also release great dance records for anyone with slightly left-of-centre tastes. Three years in the making, We Move As One is the latter, a collaboration from Francois X and label affiliate Antigone. The duo's last two solo records illustrate where We Move As One is coming from. In 2014, the DEMENT3D chief's Suspended In A Stasis Field was an especially driving EP for the label, with a deep sense of spatial awareness. Antigone's first outing for Token, 2015's Cantor Dust, was particularly detailed. We Move As One's more functional tracks, like "Love Trade" and "The Hates SZ," seem to be rooted in that record. But the delight of this EP is when the producers step outside of their club-ready ideas. Take "Living Doll": knocking about on its subdued yet groovy beat, it's in no hurry to go anywhere. The design of "The Sorcerer" is crystalline until it expels noise like marbles scattering on glass. "We Move As One" closes with a gush of sweet synths through atmospheric storm clouds, and opener "Pagan Woman" is an ominous and droning ride. There's plenty of gung-ho action in between, of course, but We Move As One's standout moments are meant for engaged and attentive ears.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Pagan Woman A2 Love Trade B1 Ready To Escape B2 The Hated Sz C1 Living Doll C2 The Sorcerer D1 Journey Home D2 We Move As One