Zora Jones ­- Ruby Fifths

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  • Go to fractalfantasy.net: it's where you can fully experience the interactive audio-visual work Zora Jones has been producing with Sinjin Hawke since 2012. Fractal Fantasy began as a platform for the pair's video series, the music of which was eventually released as a compilation last July. Jones has since shared 100 Ladies and a compendium of rap and R&B bootlegs that you can grab for free. Musically, Jones's bass-heavy deconstructions use vocals in much the same way as Aïsha Devi or Visionist have recently, helium-high and stretched beyond anything recognisably human. They squeal and coo like a choir of robo-seraphs, often bleeding into the music's bleeps. So far it's been an all-female and fairly ephemeral affair, but on "Ruby Fifths," Teklife's Heavee adds a weighty dimension to the mix. His staccato phrasing brings the track closer to footwork, too, which creeps through the mist of Jones's delicate choral sprays. DVA delivers another of his "Hi Emotions" remixes, which as ever, it's a raw-nerved ride through several sentiments at once. The way he pulls you in opposite directions could be a turn-off, but for me it's the selling point. You never know where you'll end up on one of these trips: this one stops, starts and shudders along through bleeding-heart R&B and on to somewhere much darker, twitchy and skewed—and back again. It's a fantastic piece of imaginative club music.
  • Tracklist
      01. Ruby Fifths feat. Heavee 02. Ruby Fifths (DVA Hi:Emotions Remix)