AWB - Celestial Longitude EP

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  • Though they're put out sparingly (or perhaps because of it), each release from Taapion Records feels like a breath of fresh air. Founded in 2013 and run by Shlømo, PVNV and AWB, the Parisian label has developed a style of warm, atmospheric, often outright gorgeous techno. For its fifth release, and first in nearly a year, Taapion offers Celestial Longitude, AWB's debut EP. It's something of a team effort, with two original productions backed by remixes from PVNV and the collaboration of Shlømo and Antigone. The two versions of the title track summon the sort of resplendent moments we've come to expect from this crew. Suffused with evocative pads, AWB's original is a spacious broken-beat cut that rides a gentle, wave-like motion. PVNV's eight-minute take on "Celestial Longitude"—my pick of the four—packs a denser, tougher 4/4 arrangement. In place of the original's smooth melodic motifs, there's a collage of vibrant ambiance. "Ecliptic" takes a longer view. It assembles layers of chugging percussion and travels through a couple of dramatic, synth-driven builds and releases, but the overall effect is more playful than typical dark-and-moody fare. Last is Shlømo and Antigone's rhythmically intense remix, which shows off some high-tech, sharp-edged sound design in the treble. It's a fine finish to another good one from Taapion.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Celestial Longitude A2 Ecliptic B1 Celestial Longitude (PVNV Remix) B2 Ecliptic (Antigone x Shlømo Remix)