Ed:it -­ Pathways EP

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  • Ed:it's heavy-lidded "Centre Suite" was at the front of Shogun Audio's Point Of Origin, a compilation series launched last September with young and rising talents in mind. It was a step away from the techy sound on Ed Warrener's Sound Killer / I Would, for sister label SGN:LTD. That record struck a balance between something soulful and screw-faced, and on Pathways, Warrener's Shogun debut proper, the Nottingham-based artist delivers a more refined set of soft-hearted, hard-edged drum & bass. Moody basslines, ticking hits, wafts of chords and vocal samples make up "Pathways," evoking an Autonomic vibe. "Viewpoint" is much lighter and celestial—that is, until the drop, which offsets the airiness with a tough undercarriage. But "Night Creeper" is the real sell here. Ed:it reciprocates Linguistics' gritty lyrics, throwing weight into the kicks and generally producing a much burlier sound. "All Away," a collaboration with Pennygiles, concludes Pathways with another crunchy cut that's all gooey and warm in the middle.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Pathways A2 Viewpoint B1 Night Creeper feat. Linguistics B2 All Away feat. Pennygiles