Leon Vynehall - Midnight On Rainbow Road

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  • "Midnight On Rainbow Road" is so far the only track from Gerd Janson's second Musik For Autobahns compilation to get the standalone vinyl treatment, which should tell you something about how good it is. Janson's series focuses on slower tracks inspired by trips on the open road, and Leon Vynehall's contribution excels particularly well in that department. The key to its success is in the title: while some other Musik For Autobahns selections have been named after actual roadways, this one takes inspiration from the colourful Mario Kart course, and its sound palette is just as wondrous. The original version is about as smooth and steady as it gets. "Midnight On Rainbow Road" takes the golden-era hip-hop sweep of Vynehall's breakout Music For The Uninvited and gives it an au courant makeover. The guitars and pianos blur like streetlights glowing through a wet windshield, and with only the implication of a beat taking the place of kick drums, Vynehall nails the relaxed feel of cruising down open roads. The new "Beat Edit," which is exclusive to this release, is hardly a radical reinvention, though it doesn't need to be. Just the crucial addition of a hi-hat and a careful beat readies it for club play without ruining the delicate touches. The remix turns a beautiful beatless piece into something that would brighten a nice warm-up set, and together with the original, continues the streak Vynehall has been on since 2013.
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      A Midnight On Rainbow Road (Beat Edit) B Midnight On Rainbow Road