Various - Kerrier District Remixes

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  • Luke Vibert's music always has a sense of humour, but his funk and disco collages as Kerrier District send the kitsch-counter haywire. This makes last year's comeback LP, 4, an interesting challenge for three heavyweight remixers, each with their own relationship to guilty pleasures. Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer might be the most surprising choice—the humour in their recent Vilod album is strange and opaque, if present at all. The pair play it straight for their version of "Sexspurt," stirring its potpourri of acoustic instruments into a thick sludge that pools around a halftime groove. At a meandering 12 minutes, the track is both mysterious and oddly cheery. In that respect, at least, it's true to the original's spirit. Shed and KiNK have more straightforward attitudes to fun, and their remixes take a correspondingly simpler approach. KiNK shoots for a massive anthem with "Techno Disco." He grafts the original's Inner City-like chord progression onto a steroidal house banger, all jubilant organs and endless layers of pumping hi-hats. Shed is well within his comfort zone on "Come On Kerrier"; its ample diva samples are grist for the Head High mill. Nothing about his rugged house retooling is a surprise, but that doesn't mean it's not satisfying.
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      01. Sexspurt (Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer Remix) 02. Techno Disco (KiNK Remix) 03. Come On Kerrier (Head High Remix)