Q3A - Space Chamber

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  • Route 8 takes on the alias Q3A for Space Chamber, his new project's first EP for Delsin. These four untitled tracks are built around the Hungarian producer's taste for vintage house sounds, which he colors with thick, euphoric atmospheres and hints of acid and electro. The extra touches are subtle enough for it all to blend seamlessly together; on the B1, a 303 sequence skips through six and a half minutes of soft-glowing pads and garage-y 909 beats without any element overshadowing another. The A2 does essentially the same with an organ bassline and a rolling, percussive house rhythm. It makes for well-balanced and reliable club music, though the lack of direction and ever-present ambiance can grow stagnant. Only the last of Space Chamber's tracks bucks the trend, smartly layering a crunchy 808 bounce, deep bass notes, gelatinous pads and sparse arpeggiations. How the producer gradually mixes electro's dystopic edge with techno's dense hypnosis keeps you on your toes—even if the changes are small and predictable, their dynamic effects invigorate the groove. Adding three solid tools and one proper tune to his Q3A catalog, Route 8 has every reason to continue exploring with his new project.
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      A1 Untitled A2 Untitled B1 Untitled B2 Untitled