Truncate - Submission

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  • Submission is a hell of a techno tool, made by one of its most enthusiastic craftsmen. Truncate rarely welds much else—his releases are singularly focused on plotting the shortest route from A to B, but they're so crisply edited that it becomes a virtue. That direct approach offers a lot of scope for reinterpretation, and so Submission arrives with three remixes, one of which is helmed by Truncate himself. That none of these deviate too much from the man's surefooted original is a big compliment. On "Submission," you'll find ticking hi-hats, generous claps and a cyborg's incantation over a simple MIDI note sequence. The only thing Jimmy Edgar applies to this is a single top note on the offbeat, and Truncate's rework adds little more than a Plastikman-ish throttle to the subtly rearranged frame. Kris Wadsworth turns "Submission" into a luxuriant house roller, whose warm pads soak through the sinewy original. Bearing the smoothness of a concept car, the aerodynamic "Submission" is so striking that the remixes, though far from superfluous, can't do much to redesign something made with such clean, assertive lines.
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      A1 Submission A2 Submission (Jimmy Rework) B1 Submission (Truncate Rework) B2 Submission (Kris Wadsworth Rework)