Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra - Too Much Information (Remixes)

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  • "Laolu's remix of Dele Sosimi's 'Too Much Information' is Dixon and Âme's favourite track of the year." That sentence says a lot about this 12-inch—it was crowned an anthem before it even hit wax. A few seconds into Laolu's rework of "Too Much Information" and it's easy to see why it appeals to the Innervisions crew: the bassline is the kind of simple, endearing melody that says a thousand words, basically tailored for a Dixon set. The string-laden breakdown would be compelling even on laptop speakers, never mind a huge system, and elements from Dele Sosimi's original—a clipped guitar phrase here, some funky drumming there—are elegantly slotted into the groove. It's so manicured and unapologetically epic that it's a surprise it didn't come from one of the label heads themselves (some originally speculated that it was Âme). That remix alone would justify a single-sided 12-inch, but Irfan Rainy and Rex Leon (of Manchester label Rainy City Music) throw in a level-headed version that tones down some of the theatricality of Laolu's effort. Their remix takes some of the snappy horn lines and guitar from the original and throws it all into a slow cooker. Âme and Dixon are two of the world's most popular DJs, and whatever you might think of them, it's hard to question their enduring popularity when they keep sussing out bombs like this.
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      A Too Much Information (Lalou Remix) B Too Much Information (Rainy City Music Version)