Shigeto - Intermission EP

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  • The title of Zach Sagniaw's new EP, as well as the comments the Michigan-born artist provided with it, could be taken as attempts to deflect expected criticism. First off, Saginaw is at pains to map out what has been occupying his time since 2013's breakthrough LP, No Better Time Than Now, before saying of Intermission: "I haven't found the next step for me yet. I've been making loads of music as always, but I'm still looking for that concrete new path." It suggests that Sagniaw is a little worried about his artistic progression, but such are his talents that the sound of him failing to focus is still enjoyable. As ever with a Shigeto record, percussion is central to Intermission—save for "Gently" and "Deep Breathing," two beatless, Boards Of Canada-esque interludes that waft in and out during the EP's midsection. "City Dweller" is essentially two separate tracks: it begins as ambient before the second part elbows in with a grainy kick-drum stomp. All three are pleasant or intriguing, sometimes both, but they mostly underscore the image of an artist groping for a direction. Opener "Pulse" is the standout, and as the record's most fully-formed track, it's also likely Intermission's raison d'etre. It lives up to the metronomic title for several minutes before gently falling out of time, all while weaving theremin-like pads around the clicks and twinkles. "Do My Thing" and "Need Nobody" are different sketches that come from the same base, with the former adding abstract hip-hop touches to the latter's warm hum and music box chimes. With all of Intermission's variety, fans will likely find something to enjoy as they look forward to Saginaw relaxing into his next path.
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      A1 Pulse A2 City Dweller A3 Gently B1 Do My Thing B2 Deep Breathing B3 Need Nobody