Voiski - Breaths Written Outside Gloom

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  • You're never paddling in the shallows with Voiski. Whether it's opalescent and upward-facing for L.I.E.S., a bit taught and overcast for Syncrophone Recordings or something far moodier for Sheik 'N' Beik or I/Y, the Frenchman always drags you towards the pool's murky depths, where a surprise is often lying in wait. His latest on Delsin is no different. Deeply charismatic techno is on display throughout Breaths Written Outside Gloom. The strung-out and sweaty "Galaxy Call" is worth a mention for how it keeps the tension both at a fever-pitch and weirdly lax. "Mathematical Park" takes another line, creeping towards its noisy expulsions with slow and meticulous intent. But it's "Answer Silently" that evokes the greatest emotional response. There's something so druggy and intoxicating about how it bears down on you from all sides, causing you to collapse inwardly along with it. It's a slow dirge against the sludgiest of waters, but incites delirious joy instead of anxiety. You can play "Answer Silently" again and again and still not manage to work it all out. Rarely does it get more potent, wonderful and terrifying than this.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Downhearted Holidays A2 Galaxy Call B1 Mathematical Park B2 Answer Silently