Call Super - Migrant EP

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  • Both sides of Call Super's Migrant EP sound as if they could go on forever. They're the kind of fat, generous tunes that Berlin resident JR Seaton excelled with on Fluenka Mitsu early this year, but now rendered with Balearic touches—loon calls, marimba patterns, balmy atmospheres—and a quiet ambient glow. That's not to downplay the drums, as both "Migrant" and "Meltintu" make fine economical use of 4/4 kicks and light percussion. The latter is more rhythmically busy, with twittering arps and gassy FX, while the title track leaves room for cowbell accents and melodic flourishes. But no matter how Seaton puts them together, each production feels balanced and goes down effortlessly. For all the well-crafted accoutrements, it's the basslines that ultimately keep you locked in. The bubbly notes guiding "Migrant" feel like classic Larry Heard, one of those über-simple sequences that wriggles away so quickly you can't help but need to hear it again. "Meltintu" does the same with its skipping, acid-tinged bassline, but spreads the pattern over two bars for a funky effect. Why Migrant works so well isn't just about sticky low-end and engaging sound design, though: Seaton uses his refined tools to complement each other and find their groove together. That he can accomplish as much without showboating or sounding derivative speaks to an artist who has undoubtedly hit his stride.
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      A1 Migrant B1 Meltintu