Radio Slave - The Clone Wars (Remixes)

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  • Matt Edwards' records have remarkable longevity. Take "The Clone Wars": originally released in 2013, it saw a wider reissue earlier this year to mark the return of his Rekids label. Now, over two years after it first dropped, "The Clone Wars" is getting the remix treatment. The track still sounds fresh, in part because it's a classically minimalist Radio Slave banger (with a cheeky vocal about artists blindly copying each other). Living up to Edwards' message, this 12-inch features three idiosyncratic remixes that each excel in different areas. Markus Suckut's version typifies the German producer's appeal: it's functional techno as well-engineered and solidly built as a Volvo. He gives "The Clone Wars" a steely coat of armour, not so much reimagining the original as changing its context. Parris Mitchell's turn runs with the original's goofy spirit, adding cartoonish sounds that have a spring in their step. But it's DJ Spider, chewing up the original and spitting it back out, who wins the blue ribbon. His remix is both guttural and funky, with trippy, three-dimensional panning effects and a dynamic approach that turns out the opposite of Edwards' tracky grooves. As with most DJ Spider records, it doesn't sound like much else out there—it's hard to think of a more appropriate way to remix "The Clone Wars."
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      A1 The Clone Wars (Markus Suckut Remix) B1 The Clone Wars (Parris Mitchell Computer Clone Remix) B2 The Clone Wars (DJ Spider Remix)