Soundview - The Method

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  • Six releases in, Tuskegee, Seth Troxler and The Martinez Brothers' "label of cultural heritage," has been worth keeping tabs on. Their latest record, however, isn't among its high points. A three-way collaboration from the Martinezes, friend and associate Jesse Calosso and fellow NYC producer Phil Moffa, The Method has more than a whiff of too many cooks about it, despite its spare, acid-touched house not being overly complex or congested. "Nex Legends" is a particularly uninspiring journey. The promising bass bump that opens it leads into an array of listless drums, weary keys and interminable vocal murmurs—it all sounds pieced together from a soundcheck. "Do You Miss Brooklyn?" is sparkier, and saves things to an extent. Its acid bassline is vivid and squirming, and complements brisk hi-hats, flashing 909s and more croaky, half-buried vocals. It's a superior, if not revelatory, part of a record that will likely get airtime for its provenance, yet Tuskegee has given us far better of late.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Nex Legends B1 Do You Miss Brooklyn?