Federico Molinari / Nekes - Easy Faces / Feel The Rhythm EP

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  • Offenbach's Epilog seems to get better with each offering. Founded in 2013, the house label has released work from a small roster of veteran Frankfurt-area artists, with Sascha Dive, Markus Fix and Chris Tietjen being the most high-profile contributors so far. Epilog's fifth record sees label boss Hashmat Ansari look 90 KM south to Mannheim, enlisting Oslo label co-founders Federico Molinari and Nekes for the split EP Easy Faces / Feel The Rhythm. Like everything else on Epilog, their latest features a batch of classy and effective house workouts, tailormade for selectors seeking a combination of trippiness and groove. There's a picture of Ricardo Villalobos holding Easy Faces / Feel The Rhythm behind the decks at a festival recently. Perhaps testament to this diverse EP's quality, it's not clear which track he dropped. That said, I'd put my money on the A-side, Molinari's "Easy Faces." It's the loopiest and most hypnotic track, a barrage of short, synthy notes paired with slamming drums and a muffled vocal. Nekes handles the B-side with two more lighthearted and summer-friendly cuts. "Feel The Rhythm" and "Halloween" are bottom-heavy and funky, making use of what sounds like live bass. The former is the liveliest of the two, and a great track to reach for when you have a sun-drenched dance floor in front of you. The latter is more mellow, a warm-up tool that would be impossible to beat in the right setting.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Federico Molinari - Easy Faces B1 Nekes - Feel The Rhythm B2 Nekes - Halloween