Various - Tundra Remixed

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  • With Tundra, Lakker hit their stride, delivering an immersive pleasure from start to finish. Now comes a remix package featuring the full spread, from the discernibly floor-friendly stuff by Acid Mondays and Primitive World to the more difficult revisions from the likes of Raster-Noton's Kyoka and Mark Fell. "Mountain Divide" was the standout from Tundra, and this remix by Spaces follows suit. Except for a metallic undertone shared by both, however, their connection is basically unrecognisable. Spaces is the fresh-faced project from John Flynn, who debuted on Bleep last year and co-produced a track on Björk's latest album, Vulnicura. His remix is taught and choppy, worlds apart from the eight-minute original's undulations between doomy timbres and shimmering choral nodes. It's pretty much the same throughout, though Eomac (Ian McDonnell from Lakker in solo guise) delivers a ghoulish take on "Halite" that isn't too far off. For "Milch," Acid Mondays turn in a functional, tough house number, while newcomer Lahun plumps for something more dreamy. Primitive World makes the thunderous, atmospheric "Pylon" into a tech house jaunt, reiterating just how much Tundra has been pulled apart and reset here—for better and for worse. Honourable mention goes to Lakker's Dara Smith, whose Arad remix is simultaneously true to the original "Ton'neru" and something else entirely. He's so far released just one record under the moniker, which was as beautifully produced and incongruent as any Lakker EP, so it may be too soon to tell what Arad's sound is exactly. Judging by this track, however, he's prepared to go in hard as nails, if the situation calls for it.
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      01. Oktavist (Mark Fell Remix) 02. Mountain Divide (Spaces Remix) 03. Three Songs (Kyoka Remix) 04. Pylon (Primitive World Remix) 05. Milch (Acid Mondays Remix) 06. Milch (Lahun Remix) 07. Halite (Eomac Remix) 08. Ton'neru (Arad Remix)