Colours Of Observation - Sidewalk Romeos

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  • Colours Of Observation is a new collaboration between Marieu of the Analogue Cops and Christopher Rau, maker of fine deep house for Smallville and others. The pair's debut release connects these styles in just the way you might think. On "Grip Aux," for instance, loungy, Rau-style chords ricochet between incongruously sturdy kicks. When those chords bow out at the midpoint, the percussion's latent energy is released for a storming closer. "Sidewalk Romeos" is more extreme in its contrasts: its crunchy drums pump with an Analogue Cops-style intensity, while the chords are gossamer-thin scraps buffeted in the breeze. The remainder of Sidewalk Romeos heads in two different directions. "General Fail," with its broken-beat groove and vaporous diva sample, is a nice enough UK hardcore homage; "Virginatlantic" pares back Rau's chords to a flicker, making for a techno track that balances loopy functionalism with scuzzy character. The record is a spread of intriguing ideas from a group with promise.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Grip Aux A2 Sidewalk Romeos B1 General Fail B2 Virginatlantic