Famous Eno - Jaws Riddim

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  • Manchester's Swing Ting has become a home for party music that's as placeless as it is fun. The label's flag has fluttered on various winds—quasi-dubstep (Brackles & Fox's "Skank"), grime (Samrai & Platt's "Bad Riddim"), dancehall (Madd Again!'s "Beg Nar Fren")—outlining a fluid, colourful vision that feels extremely contemporary. Mixpak affiliate Famous Eno sidles into this company easily, having developed his own mongrel sound on previous singles. "Jaws Riddim" might be his triumph, a beat which is about as menacing as its namesake. Eno has been working towards this for a while. "Jaws" expands on the dextrous beat work of his monster Murlo collab, "Ariel," and the scatterbrain structure of his "Skank" remix. He's got his technique down to a tee here. The breakdowns are a pulse-raising collision of horn stabs and spiralling sirens, dropping into a rhythm that sounds like bashment fired through the Large Hadron Collider. This mini-explosion of synthetic bleeps and fleet-footed kicks repeats several times over the course of the track, but you'll still head right back to the start once its three minutes are up.
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      1. Jaws Riddim
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