Scott Grooves - Parts Manager (First Four)

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  • Parts Manager is a concept record by Scott Grooves, but the premise is simpler than that term suggests. The first of two EPs, it sets out to showcase four distinctive styles of the producer's sound. As he puts it: "'Inspiration Sound' is the synth part of me; 'Finished' is the basic part; 'The Sauce' is the Jamaican part; and 'Gritty' is the nitty-gritty part." His modest descriptions only scratch the surface of what makes these tracks so enticing as DJ tools. "Finished"'s melodic bassline burrows underneath pressing synth chords and spraying hi-hats, with some handclaps and other classic drum machine features thrown in. Later, organ keys infuse "Finished" with a familiar Detroit funk; "Inspiration Sound" also recalls something of Grooves's hometown in its dreamy synth arrangements. "The Sauce" is a sprightly take on Jamaican music and Basic Channel. Dub techno records can sometimes sound as if they're swimming in quicksand, but snappy drums keep this one surprisingly buoyant. "Gritty" finds Grooves at his most inspired. Where the other tracks usually bring somewhere—or someone—else to mind, the last track on the EP is more like an expression of himself. Its zesty synths, offset by a slapping snare, scrub up against the drums like sandpaper—there's a nervous, fizzing energy about it that feels invigorating. Where Parts Manager can sometimes sound content to recline in its luxurious textures, "Gritty" feels like a sharp slap, and the EP is better for it.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Inspiration Sound A2 Finished B1 The Sauce B2 Nitty Gritty