Blond:ish - Endless Games

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  • Anastacia D'Elene and Vivie-Ann Bakos's first output since last summer's Wunderkammer is also the first single from their forthcoming debut LP, Welcome To The Present. "Endless Games" finds the pair veering away from the low-slung twang of previous tracks such as "Wunderkammer" and "No Place Like Home," and going for a feeling that's halfway between spacey and breezy. The track comes complete with haunting, '80s pop-referencing "oooohs" that recall 2012's "Lonely Days." Patrice Bäumel's remix smooths things over for the floor, with hypnotic whirrs and lowing tides of bass. It's heavy with atmosphere, and a dub version of the remix sharpens that focus, boosting the package's DJ value. Endless Games suggests that Blond:Ish's first album might be a good deal more song-based than we would have expected, which wouldn't be a bad thing.
  • Tracklist
      1. Endless Games 2. Endless Games (Patrice Bäumel Mix) 3. Endless Games (Patrice Bäumel Dub Mix)