Inigo Kennedy - Requiem Remixed

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  • Inigo Kennedy's "Requiem" was one of the slower, deeper cuts on his well-polished (and well-received) Token album, Vaudeville. A year after its release, Token has handed the track to four remixers, each one giving their version a unique name. The titles reflect the different approaches on offer, though three of the tracks work with the original's distinctively tense melody. The fastest, most straightforward of the bunch, Efdemin's "Journey To The Stars Mix" smooths out Kennedy's melody and adds claps, beeps and an apprehensive synth riff to the sci-fi vibe. Kangding Ray heads in the opposite direction—his 110-BPM "Dies Irae" remix is strangely meditative, thanks to some earthy drums, hypnotizing ticks and finely sculpted clusters of noise and feedback. Suffused with eerie background ambience, Regis's dense, slow-burning take, "Human Host," arrives at a long breakdown, in which the original melody slithers into focus and twists into woozier forms. Last up is "Requiem For Humanity" from Dasha Rush, who's adept at conjuring abstract, dreamlike scenarios. The track drifts in and out of a brief techno stomp, joined by brittle piano lines based on Kennedy's melody, a monologue decrying how "we have lost the way" and a few chants from Rush herself. Though the overall focus is more on mood than rhythm, it's a fine end to a diverse set of remixes.
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      A1 Requiem (Efdemin 'Journey To The Stars' Mix) A2 Requiem (Kangding Ray 'Dies Irae' Remix) B1 Requiem (Regis 'Human Host' Mix) B2 Requiem (Dasha Rush 'Requiem For Humanity' Remix)