E­-Work #1 - Who Do You Believe In?

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  • With his four-part E-Versions series, West Midlands producer Mark Evetts has in the past year returned to the sort of luxuriant disco edits that helped make his name before the turn of the decade. Since carving out a housey corner for himself on assorted EPs and two albums for Spectral Sound after 2010, the feeling with E-Versions was one of Evetts earning a chance to enjoy being back on home turf. The results were predictably easy on the ears, as is the first installment of his latest series, E-Work. Like Evetts' other original productions, both the instrumental and vocal version of "Who Do You Believe In?" bear the influence of his rolling, sure-footed disco edits. The instrumental is a hazy, zig-zagging piece of summertime house, with its languid snares and celestial synth line peppering a dreamy base of pads. The vocal mix could be mistaken for a choice example from E-Versions. Trudie Dawn Smith's vocal is original, but its seductive quality and rueful content is reminiscent of classic disco.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Who Do You Believe In? (Vocal Mix) B1 Who Do You Believe In? (Instrumental)