Matt Karmil - Play It, Do It, Say It

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  • Since making his debut on IRR in 2013, Germany-based British producer Matt Karmil put out records on Beats In Space, Yumé and Popnoname's PNN imprint, who also released his debut album last year. On his latest, for Bristol's celebrated Idle Hands outpost, Karmil delivers three charismatic tracks of scuffed and potent house music. The boisterous "Play It" is six minutes of sonic weaponry that sounds tailor-made for main rooms and festivals. Dusty and compressed kicks clamour over a stuttering bassline, bringing to mind Barnt's recent output, or something you'd hear Ivan Smagghe play circa 2004. "Do It" provides an interesting counterpoint: it's a patient, stripped-back creeper with an addictive bassline. But Karmil's track hinges on the achingly sad string sample that briefly appears near the end, a sneaky earworm that won't soon leave your head. Over on the B-side, "Say It" is another slow builder, though with a bit more bite. Crunchy percussion is layered over winding bass and a bleeping main riff, rounding out the record with a sturdy club tool.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Play It A2 Do It B1 Say It