Pev & Steevio - Seren / Edges

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  • In 2011, a number of UK labels were operating on Schmorgasbord's premise. Now, fewer artists make the hybrids of house, techno, dubstep, broken beat and two-step that the Bristol outpost was set up to showcase. Some from that era simply lost interest, and others just weren't very interesting. Schmorgasbord's purpose is to throw artists from polarised rhythmic disciplines (4/4 and dubstep, for example) and get them to knock heads in a studio. Seren / Edges shows that these experiments remain fruitful. The Peverelist and Steevio collaboration demonstrates what we already know: their respective genres have been mingling for a while. On his remix of Steevio's "Seren," Tom Ford places a spitting hi-hat exactly where you'd expect from a techno producer, while the marimba notes are allowed a wayward shuffle. Steevio's remix of "Edges" returns the favor—rather than giving Ford's paranoid lasers and hoovering Reese bassline a simple techno sheen, Steevio scatters the stems like marbles. The two producers successfully explore several facets of each other's sound across Seren / Edges, further breaking down the boundaries between them.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Pev - Edges A2 Steevio - Seren (Pev Remix) B1 Steevio - Seren B2 Pev - Edges (Steevio Re-Interpretation)