Various ­- Selected Cuts

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  • If you haven't taken note of Repitch's bold industrial techno, then here's your chance to start. Founded by Italian production allies Ascion and D.Carbone, with Shapednoise completing the family, the label has grown from being an incubator for its three conspirators to welcoming the likes of AnD, Sleeparchive and Mike Parker into the fold. In those four years, Ascion and D.Carbone, together with Lucindo, launched 3TH, which they've since flooded with varied dance floor cuts. Meanwhile, Shapednoise has stretched into less club-orientated spheres. He's produced experimental noise and industrial albums for Opal Tapes and Hospital Productions, as well as the harsher, horror-spiked material he makes as Violetshaped for his Violet Poison outlet. Selected Cuts, then, comes both as a reunion of sorts and a retrospective glance at the label's evolution so far. Following strict chronological order, the collection begins with D.Carbone's "000," a track from Repitch's first record. It's a tough and menacing slow-burner, showing far more restraint than what the rest of the comp has in store. It's followed by "Walker," a prime example of the subversive techno Ascion and D.Carbone can come up with when they put their heads together, all syncopated percussion and lopsided gait. Save for Regis's gothy remix of Stave's "Harden Chord," it's the only time we'll hear a voice from the din. Shapednoise's solo contribution, "Cosmic Landscapes," is eerie and skulking. When he turns his attention to the dance floor, it's always delightfully non-conformist. "Basic Impact" sees him team up with Ascion for another haunted industrial head-nodder. It's too bridled to go all-out, but the looped drumming at the end will suck you in. The second half of Selected Cuts highlights records by artists outside Repitch's core three. There's the whiplashed "Warhead" by Marcelus, which stands out as having some of the weirdest sound design here. It's in close competition with Mike Parker's hissing "Lustrum" and the signature spitting on AnD's "Making Circles," but the pummeling, speaker-shredding drum work is what these guys do best. Evil and twisted up with whispers, Violet Poison's track is also worth noting. The comp concludes with an unreleased production from all three Repitch chiefs and AnD, which is as merciless as you'd expect from the parties involved. If this is a sign of the label's future, then hold on tight.
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      01. D. Carbone ­- 000 02. Ascion & D. Carbone -­ Walker 03. Shapednoise -­ Cosmic landscapes 04. AnD -­ Making Circles 05. Marcelus -­ Warhead 06. Ascion -­ 000.2 07. Ascion & Shapednoise -­ Basic Impact 08. Gaja -­ B1 09. Violet Poison -­ A1 10. Sleeparchive ­- Fifth Station 11. Mike Parker ­- Lustrum 12. Stave -­ Hardened Chord (Regis Rmx) 13. D.A.S. D.A. - Untitled