Ellen Allien - Remix Collection

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  • Today is the third day straight with my CD player cranking Ellen Allien's fresh "Remix Collection". I can't praise the album enough. I also can't help but compare it to the previous - "Berlinette". When I reviewed "Berlinette", I said - calm and sweet... but I can't say the same about remix collection. This release is much harder and categorical. Broken and clipped beats and sharp surround ... it fits strangely enough under an "abstract techno" genre. The only shot in the blue - Gut-Humple - "Butterfly". This track absolutely differs by his style. Stong 4x4 drum ... trance synth ... and vocal loop. The same miss I've found in "Berlinett". Maybe it is Ellen Allien style, one missed track? I'm sure that the main album track ("Berlinette" has such one also) should be Gold Chains - "Let's Get It On". Bpitch Control have given Ellen Allien the freedom to create a musical diary with her feelings, gigs, trips and production.