XEN - Bells

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  • Bells is a record that would move bodies at both fabric and a dive bar. Tel Aviv-based vocalist XEN and fellow Israeli duo Red Axes manage a rare balancing act here—Bells has the urgency and utility of a dance record, but much of it could've easily featured on an '80s No Wave 7-inch. "All Of The Sun"'s earthy bass guitar shoves you right to the front of a Liquid Liquid gig, but now there are more knobs and buttons being fiddled with on stage. XEN's vocals are often pitched slightly behind the music—her light, lilting monotone is sometimes covered in a thin film of static and distortion, or otherwise given a slight echo. This partial cloak helps her submit to each song's flow while also commanding its rhythmic pulse. She accomplishes as much on "All Of The Sun (Voodoo)," where her voice gives shape to a naked, bassy drum track and some shifty MIDI xylophone notes. Red Axes remix "Bells," allowing a spidery marimba sequence to supply most of the momentum. It's ostensibly the EP's dance floor track, but you can easily imagine the others stirring people away from the bar and into the noise and lights.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Bells A2 All Of The Sun B1 Bells (Red Axes Remix) B2 All Of The Sun (Voodoo)