Various - Eric Copeland Remixes

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  • If Eric Copeland's chaotic 2013 album Joke In The Hole was a dance music junkyard, then this belated remix EP is an episode of Scrapheap Challenge for the electronic underground. A diverse bunch of artists disappear into the maze of twisted metal, each coming out with their own strange contraption. Fellow DFA signee Larry Gus hits closest to Copeland's aesthetic, welding together everything from blissed-out Balearica to mournful choral music on his version of "Grapes." It's a shambles, but charming all the same. Twice as energetic is Anthony Naples' delirious, dog-eared version of "Bobby Strong." Such grubby techno workouts are ten a penny these days, but these pressurised spews of noise are difficult to deny. The record's other half is more polished. Panda Bear keeps the queasiness of "Cheap Treat," but reimagines it as an elegant psych-pop song that swills around the brain long after it's over. Meanwhile, Fhloston Paradigm supplies the EP's highlight in his nine-minute rework of the same track. He starts with an innocuous house bump, lifting us steadily into the cosmos. It's amazing what you can do with someone else's junk.
  • Tracklist
      01. Cheap Treat (Panda Bear Version) 02. Grapes (Larry Gus Remix) 03. Cheap Treat (Fhloston Paradigm Remix) 04. Bobby Strong (Anthony Naples Remix)