Marcus Worgull & Peter Pardeike - Trivia

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  • Marcus Worgull and Peter Pardeike are good at writing drama into their songs, but lately they've been chipping away at the edifice of this approach. On their first outing for Innervisions, the Muwekma EP alongside other label regulars in 2012, they created a warbling synth epic, "Salam," with a mid-range that could have filled an airfield. They pared down the more euphoric aspects of that track on 2013's Lenoix, distilling the same sense of urgency into a more manageable size. Trivia feels looser and more self-contained than its predecessor—the synths aren't as tightly-wound—but there's a moment on the title track that sabotages the pair's newfound restraint. "Trivia" swells with hazy melodies and moreish dewdrop notes, and is just fine until the overbearing introduction of a perfunctory vocal and a wailing synth line. Otherwise, it's a typically elegant Innervisions house record, though there's little to separate it from an ever-growing number of such tracks. More distinctive is "Oona," whose sullen melody channels something between a Drive OST cut and a gypsy folk song. "Oona"'s less-is-more approach suits Worgull and Pardeike; the flabbier aspects of "Trivia," less so.
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      A1 Trivia B1 Oona