Etienne - Airmetique EP

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  • Whether sampling jazz and disco, producing on old synths, or playing other people's records, house and techno have always been genres that consume history. The trick is to turn those influences into something new and special. As a DJ, Etienne has a grasp on this, turning heads with his record collection for the past few years. Considering the hype around him, there's a lot at stake on the Berlin native's first release, but the Airmetique EP is an impressive debut. "Obsolate" acts as a handy lead into the main event. It's warm and languid—smooth enough for a sunny day party, but no less intricate on repeat listens. Silky 2-step bomb "Delphus" is the reason why Airmetique has been so hotly anticipated. At a time when '90s garage records have been regaining traction—and a wealth of limp new garage tunes have tried and failed to replicate them—"Delphus" stands out as a throwback of rare subtlety. This is revivalism done right: stripped back, thoughtfully arranged, aware of its history but pushing towards something new. Isherwood rounds out the EP remixing unreleased Etienne track "Desert C." There's a dusty awkwardness to the Mancunian's drums that recalls STL at his weirdest. Nonetheless, it's immediately identifiable as his work—no small feat for a producer with one full release to his name. It's a well-executed tool that in the right hands could be part of a memorable after-hours trip.
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      A1 Delphus B1 Obsolate B2 Desert C (Isherwood Remix)