Jose Padilla - So Many Colours

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  • Often referred to as the "godfather of chill-out," José Padilla is arguably the foremost sonic architect behind what would eventually become the Ibiza sound. His legendary DJ sets at Café Del Mar and the immensely popular compilations which accompanied them helped set the template for Balearic music. Padilla was lured out of retirement by International Feel boss Mark Barrott last year for a single, Solito. One thing led to another, and they ended up bringing some friends in to make an album. Between last September and this past January, producers were flown to José's home in Santa Agnes. Jam sessions ensued with four main contributors: Barrott, Telephones, Tornado Wallace and Jan Schulte. The resulting album, So Many Colours, has the limber, off-the-cuff sensation of several people interacting with one another in a small room, but there's also a tangible sense of direction that allows it to flow as a single piece. Though the four producers bring their own distinct identities to the album, it's the way they both blend with and enhance Padilla's sound that makes the record such a deftly modern take on classic Ibiza tropes. Telephones provides the strutty, almost dubby house behind opener "Day One." On "On the Road," Tornado Wallace underlays Padilla's heat-dazed guitar with colorful arpeggios. Over the slow grind of "Mojame," one of the album's most playable cuts, the vocalist Solana eases against the burnt-out guitar work of Johann Conviva. Elsewhere, on "Afrikosa," Padilla and Jan Schulte chant and growl at each other over almost five minutes of feverish funk. "Lollipop," meanwhile, is slinky, slightly sleazy '70s Tropical Disco. "Blitz Magic" pairs beach-stranded Steve Reich touches with the retro-fit house of artists like Blondes. From front to back, I'd be shocked if we get an artist album this year that works so well as a summer playlist.
  • Tracklist
      01. Day One 02. On The Road 03. Solito 04. Maybe The Sunset 05. Mojame 06. Afrikosa 07. Aixo es Miel 08. Lollipop 09. Whistle Dance 10. Blitz Magic 11. Remember Me