Sascha Dive - The Basic Collective EP Part 4

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  • Of the many producers making groove-led house in and around Frankfurt, Sascha Dive has always stood out. He's arguably the most accessible and functional, but in my opinion also the most interesting. Almost everything Dive has produced makes use of similar parts—big basslines, thumping drums, warm pads and catchy spoken word samples. The key to his success isn't an ear for source material so much as his rock-solid ability to put together effective dance floor tracks using tried-and-tested parts. "A lot of people think that when you put out a record, it must be like amazing, club thing with vocals and everything," Dive told us in 2010. "But sometimes it's cool to have a loop for ten minutes. If the loop's good, then everything is fine." This sums up Dive's latest solo 12-inch, Basic Collective EP Part 4. Each of the five cuts are loopy, but with a sense of personality and feeling that eludes most producers making similar material. The mood is breezy and reflective on the pad-heavy opener "Gangster Of Love (All That Funk)," while the rowdy and percussive "Rapin Black" kicks hard down low. More sunny, laid-back sounds can be found on "Bdown Variation 1005" and "Deeper And Deeper," two trademark Dive cuts. "Mystery" closes out the EP with a murky loop.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Gangster Of Love (All That Funk) A2 Rapin Black A3 Bdown Variation 1005 B1 Deeper And Deeper B2 Mystery