Japa Habilidoso - Funk Do Sindicalismo

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  • Future Times describe Funk Do Sindicalismo as "the most punk shit" they've ever released. This is no small claim coming from the sometime home of Dolo Percussion and Huerco S., but it's a pretty accurate one. The producer is Brazil's Japa Habilidoso, and the tracks—strange, distorted beats that are house music only in the broadest sense—have already seen a CD-R release through his own 40% Foda/Maneirissimo label. The label also hosts Habilidoso's louche boogie and digi-jazz releases as DJ Guerrinha; it's easy to see why Future Times recognised a kindred spirit. The title track is the punkier of the two. The pots-and-pans percussion might constantly drift out of time, but it's hard to tell through the distortion. The kick drum strays so far into the red that it sounds like somebody booting a paper bag around the studio. At the two-minute mark, yet more crashing drums and an injection of synth goo bring things to a head, but the intensity doesn't last. Habilidoso can't seem to leave the thing alone, constantly adding and subtracting elements to further heighten the chaos. "Agronomia Setorial" is more tuneful but just as weird, its guitar melodies processed into strange, warbling loops that play out over a ramshackle beat. There are glimpses of a psych-disco anthem in there, but they're just that: glimpses in the delirious torrent of ideas. The sheer density of it is exhausting, but excellent fun, too.
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      A1 Funk Do Sindicalismo B1 Argonomia Setorial