Untidy - Manik EP

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  • With 20-plus singles and EPs stretching back to 2006, not to mention a 2014 debut LP for Tresor, Jonas Kopp has become one of Argentinian's top techno exports. So keeping a couple of aliases for more exploratory fare makes sense for Kopp. Untidy is one such moniker, a project that draws on '90s influences. It's not a massive divergence from his usual work, but Untidy does bring a twinge of nostalgia, some added aggression and a dusky glow to the table. A third release in three years, a two-tracker for Skudge's eponymous label, makes the case that Untidy should become more than an annual side gig. "Manik" and "Flindik" are cut from the same cloth—that is, they're both sinewy, hardware-crafted techno with an emphasis on bass and forward propulsion. The former rides a bare-bones drum machine through acid gnarls at a galloping clip, and the latter follows suit, trading in a beefy square wave and some swung percussion for its raucous movements. Not a tone or texture is wasted on either track: each frequency contributes wholly to the groove and mood, only coming and going to serve the production's arc. Kopp remains elegantly rudimental here, and that focus on simplicity renders its details all the more vivid and pronounced.
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      A1 Manik B1 Flindik