Mosey - Tuff Times

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  • For the first 12-inch from an unknown newcomer, Mosey's Tuff Times feels a bit slight. Two of its three retro-digital productions are DJ friendly, and only the title track sounds more fleshed out than a couple loops you'd fiddle with while stoned in your bedroom. None of which is to say the record isn't an enticing and winsome glimpse of where Mosey is coming from—especially if New Age synths and stripped-down house beats are your bag—but it does all breeze by without leaving much of an impression behind. Tuff Times's B-sides seem overjoyed to not be stuck with the heavy lifting of their counterpart. A tumbleweed of plinky arp sequences and slow filter sweeps, "TC MIDI Labs" is dependent on a lack of discernible rhythm. "Live A Little" is much more straightforward, though perhaps too proud of the simplicity. It's radiant chords swirl effortlessly atop a double-time drum machine, but just as you're ready to hear where else Mosey can take the romantic idea, the song's two and a half minutes are up. This leaves "Tuff Times" to compensate for those sketches, and it has no problem doing so. The A-side harnesses the producer's easygoing nature for a proper cut of synthy, understated house, weaving quiet pads and soporific textures into a buoyant 4/4 groove. Fingers crossed Mosey decides to share more of its kind next time.
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      A1 Tuff Times B1 TC Midi Labs B2 Live A Little