Seth Troxler - Just Back

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  • Seth Troxler made his first solo track in years with last month's Evangelion on Rumors, a record that carried some considerable weight on its shoulders and unfortunately didn't live up to expectations. Now that he's got that milestone out of the way, Troxler returns with another solo EP, this time for Tuskegee Music, the label he runs together with The Martinez Brothers. Maybe it's the home turf factor, but he sounds a lot more comfortable on Just Back. The two tracks ride through the same swampy terrain as "Evangelion," but Troxler isn't falling asleep at the wheel this time. "CZ" is jiggly and vaguely dissociative, with rubbery snares and a string sample whirring off in the distance. And just when it looks like "CZ" is content to wade in its murky puddle, he introduces a cheeky lead line that carefully beats the track into shape, transforming its second half into something he might play at a festival. "Junkyard Tool" isn't quite as decadent but it is brighter, with whistling synths and piano adorning the attractively rippling groove. It saunters along for eight minutes without getting stale. "Evangelion" was disappointing because Troxler sounded uninspired, which is certainly something you couldn't say about these tracks.
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      A1 CZ B1 Junkyard Tool