Matias Aguayo - El Rudo Del House (Round One)

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  • Modern drum tracks tend to be exercises in rigid austerity or intense rhythmic assaults—it's a rare case when they can be categorized as "fun." So leave it to Cómeme's Matias Aguayo to galvanize the stripped-down format with his eccentricity. El Rudo Del House (Round One) begins a series of like-minded records with four house heaters clocked between 120-125 BPM. It's a good look for the Chilean artist. What these tracks lack in diversity, they make up for with style and charisma. Aguayo has been here before. The Visitor, for instance, had its share of percussion workouts with little more than Aguayo's chirpy voice to add color, but Round One takes the process further from organic sounds. Sure, voices appear in the desolate frameworks, they're dehumanized through clever tweaks. "At The Gate" laces a rudimentary disco beat with hand drums, sample blips and vocals pitched down to a sludge. An impish sprite frolics through the beepy bounce of "Bay A Sali Bolando," and the title cut subverts its avant-EBM sound with some amphibian squeaks. Only "Elefante" weaves more natural-sounding voices into the busy drum sequences, though the simplicity doesn't do much for an already unflashy production.
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      A1 El Rudo Del House A2 At The Gate B1 Bay A Sali Bolando B2 Elefante